RKoS - To Watch Over Me EP

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"To Watch Over Me" is a critique of our surveillance society with a twisted take on the battle between security and liberty with a look at the battle between the side of us that wants CCTV to make us feel safe and the loss of privacy as we accept that we are on camera virtually every step we take outside our front doors. The unspoken subtext is that the same occurs in our personal relationships which can become claustrophobic and stifling though we are too scared to leave them. The extra tracks are an alternative version of the album track Are You Mad? This version was the original words and focuses on the news story from last year where the authorities were seeking to locate surface to air missiles on residential blocks to protect the Olympics from terrorist attack and became a wider look at our liberty and the banking crisis. Finally there is the track that started it all. A remastered version of the Songs of Katrina first written in 2010 and unreleased until now. It was an afterthought to the still available collection of songs about Hurricane Katrina and many of the elements of the new album can be heard in embryonic form.
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