NICOLE ft Angelo Bruschini - Run With The Wind Single

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Back in April when we first discussed the SongSmith events with the world cup bid team one of the things we were most keen to include was to have an ‘official’ song for the event by a Bristol artist. Something that represented the spirit of challenge and striving to win. Originally it was the intention to pick a winner through an open song writing contest but when the timescales were worked out this would have left it too late to use for publicity in the run up to the game. So we made some low-key approaches to some of the sponsors for ideas for artists or songs that might be suitable. One of the BMIN Colston Hall Foyer programming team and ace producer Paul Whitrow, telephoned late one Friday afternoon saying basically “NICOLE, Thunderbolt, tonight, get yourself down here”, with his usual brevity and urgency. So I went. Apart from being captivated by the performance, ably backed by Mike Youe of Blue Aeroplanes fame I was particularly struck by one of the songs “Run With The Wind”. A week or so later I saw NICOLE again at the Colston Hall Foyer show she had been warming up for and again Run With the Wind stood out amongst the tunes and listening carefully to the words I realised this had real potential to fit the bill. All other tunes put forward, good as some of them were, went out the window. This was the one that I wanted. After approaching NICOLE and getting her interest and listening to the demo version online I sent a link to the sponsors asking their opinion. No contest. Game over. One slight problem. What we wanted was a big version, anthemic and soaring guitars and what we had was a version produced to show case the song (and all fine in its own way). I spoke to NICOLE again. What we had expected was a few tweaks to the mix and a guitar overdub. But NICOLE doesn’t do half measures. She took up the task with gusto and using her well connected fan base she got Angelo Bruschini from Massive Attack on board (he had produced and mixed the demo version) plus other talented musicians and Andy Henderson, renowned local producer. So what we got was a completely new version which was everything we had hoped for. Spine tingling vocals, powerful soaring guitars but subtle and not over-dominating, a driving incessant almost tribal beat that motored the whole thing along like a Top Gear special. Everyone we played it to went ‘wow’ so now it’s available to buy on download only initially from all good digital distributors and released appropriately through one of the sponsors, Jelli Records. Get it. Now. Be there. Feel the rush.
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