Bristol Host City Rugby League World Cup 2013 Compilatioln

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In late May we asked for submissions to our auditions in support of promoting the Cook Islands vs U.S.A. game in the host city of Bristol. Our city. A great city of music, culture, rebellion and ‘l’’s needlessly tacked onto the ends of words. This is the best of what we got with songs from a local Songwriting Circle, from our grass roots singer / songwriters (and poets!). Plus a couple from up and coming stars (with contributions from one very established star ; thanks Angelo). And of course yours truly. The album is dedicated to Bristol and its inhabitants, to the Cook Islands team that gave their all in their temporary home and beyond (i.e. Wales). The Rugby League World Cup gave us many great musical moments, the best of which for me was NICOLE and Mike Youé performing on the Memorial Ground pitch. With special thanks to our sponsors Audio Bay Management, BCFM, BMIN, Help! Counselling, Jelli Records, Mark Venus Music, Mind Your Music, and in particular Steve Parkhouse & Joe Catcheside for their support of the project throughout. Quentin Burton, SongSmith, Nov 2013
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