Jumping Joint


Was formed in 2007 by local musicians Quentin John Burton and Helen Ditchburn and through its SongSmith brand it has promoted shows at numerous venues across Bristol including Colston Hall Lantern and The Louisiana.  Its main night has always been the regular Monday SongSmith @Mr Wolf’s which has been running throughout that time virtually every week since.

In 2009 from its own SongSmith Studio off Stokes Croft they recorded and compiled a selection of songs about the 2005 Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans called ‘Songs of Katrina’.

After The Angels’Share in 2012 they then promoted a series of events promoting the Bristol Rugby League World Cup across the summer and autumn of 2013.  This included sponsoring with the help of other local businesses the official single, ‘Run With The Wind’ written and performed by Bristol singer songwriter Nicole, who has since gone onto international acclaim with electro group Client and local legend guitarist Angelo Bruschini.  This included a performance at half time of the game by Nicole and Mike Youe (Blue Aeroplanes, Rita Lynch Band).  Other initiatives included another compilation album for the event and a release by local singer / songwriter Ian Perry.  They were also involved in working with Bristol Industry Music Network and curating their foyer performances in Colston Hall.

SongSmith Studios during this time was also the location for recording nearly all of the tracks for  The Real King(s) of Spain album, ‘The Future of Mass Hysteria’.

In 2014 they became involved in working with another local initiative, Artists Against Bullying Bristol keeping up its tradition of supporting and working for local causes and with local musicians and artists.